If someone were to ask me to tell them about a person who has made an impact on my life, I would have to say Renee.

Our conversations are always positive, motivational, and uplifting. We cover everything from health and fitness, spiritual views, work stress, life goals, relationships, and self worth. She is very passionate about everything she talks about and motivates me to want more.

She is real. She tells it like it is without sugar coating it. I look up to her; I admire and respect her, and value her opinion. She inspires me. Her positive aura is addictive and I’ve changed a lot since meeting her.

The once shy, insecure, overweight, walked over teen girl grew up and took control of her life. I’ve got my confidence back! I quit the job that was making me miserable, and started caring more about my physical health. From there I left the wrong relationship I was in that isolated me. I started making new friends and doing more for myself. I lost my way for a minute but found myself again and met my fiancé. We had a baby, started a family, traveled a bit and moved out of Fairbanks. There are very few people that leave their mark, but Renee is definitely one of them.

It’s so amazing that she uses her website to reach out to so many others and touch their lives the way she’s touched mine. She is a role model to me and some of the best times, and one of the things I miss the most in my life, is having the one on one talks with one of my role models and best friends.




One of my favorite things about I Am U.G.L.I. is that I am lucky enough to have met the creator and mind behind it. Renee is an incredibly inspirational person. I love that no matter the circumstances, there is a place where her words serve as a source of comfort, inspiration, and provide food for thought.

There are many ways she has made an impact on my life. The root of it all comes from the confidence that she helped instill in me. I’ll admit, there was a time when I was very insecure. I believe meeting this woman helped push me over the edge to stop repressing myself from the world.

Not only does Renee shine as an individual, but she brings out the best in the people she interacts with. To meet someone who can see the best in you, even when you can’t see it yourself leaves a huge impact.

She is also one of the few people I have met that I felt I could tell anything to without being questioned or judged. That is the biggest impact that she continues to have on me. I am now much more aware of how I think and respond to others. I strive to keep an open mind and have kind heart when talking to anyone, because I know firsthand how big of a difference that can make in someone’s day, or even, life.

It’s a beautiful thing to let someone speak their mind and you simply just listen. It’s beautiful when you try to understand where they’re coming from and genuinely want the best for them. This mindset was directly influenced by the way Renee treated me and I am so very grateful to have crossed paths with someone who taught me the value of understanding that everyone you meet is somebody important.

I have so much gratitude and respect for this website that is aimed toward helping women see themselves as the strong, beautiful, extraordinary individuals we are!




I have been a follower of I AM U.G.L.I. since it first started. At first sight I thought, “UGLI?” Who would call themselves that?”

The name itself is intriguing which leads the curious mind to click. I am so glad that I never listened to my mother when she said, “Curiosity killed the cat,” because “I AM U.G.L.I.” breathes nothing but life and power into me and other women.

There are some posts that could even be related to by our male counterparts. I think everyone could learn a thing or two from this lovely woman. She is intelligent and I have seen her followers grow by the thousands in such a short amount of time. She embodies the word “U.G.L.I.”

You should be curious, courageous and powerful and click yourself. If you aren’t any of these adjectives by then, I’m sure after reading a blog or two of hers, you’ll find some..somewhere. I am sure Renee will continue to grow and I wish nothing but success for her and her endeavors.




When I think about Renee the first thought is a STRONG- INDEPENDENT – SMART – BEAUTIFUL woman!!!

She has made a strong impact on my life. Learning about her story made me realize that nothing is impossible and that following your dreams is the most important thing in life.
Her personality can brighten up anyone’s day. She is open and honest about herself and accepts others with no judgments. We have developed a great friendship and I am so grateful for the memories that we share together. Even if we live far away she is very close to my heart!

Every day she is proving that life is full of challenges and that everyone should believe in themselves and not be afraid to take risks and chase their dreams!
(Love u Kiki!!!)






Renee, you incredible human being you! I am very thankful to you & your positive advice when I needed it the most.

As you very well know, there were days when my pregnancy made it difficult. Emotions ran high, family complicated things, and sometimes I didn’t have the support from those I loved. You always beamed me out of the frantic mess I felt inside. When I required the guidance that I wasn’t finding in other places, you were there to lend a hand.

You offered a positive light through my clouded eyes and a different point of view on things. I wasn’t able to come to any conclusions on my own in the state I was in, especially when it involved family. You made me realize that if family wanted to be there they would and it wasn’t my fault they acted the way they did.

They would be there if they truly cared and the fact that I did put my heart into the effort of having them in my life was beautiful. It wasn’t something to beat myself up about. I enjoy the outlook you gave me and it certainly centered me in my life. So as they say, shine on you crazy diamond! Much love & positive vibes your way. Thank you, Renee!




I Am U.G.L.I. is by far one of my very favorite blog and/or inspirational websites online.

Renee expresses her opinions to the public and she exercises her imagination. In doing so, she opens up the many pathways for inspiration, devotion, creativity, and expression. Her writing strikes a fine balance between humor and reality.

She provides that inspiration to me that says we are lucky enough to have something that makes us different from the next person; she continues to provide inspiration that says, “don’t change.” Being unique is priceless because society today tries to make us like everyone else. In her blogs, she writes about courage and how to keep being awesome in our own way, being our own awesome self.

U.G.L.I. is an inspirational website that sends a message to say: Be an Innovator, not an imitator! It’s time to design your life and love it your way, not someone else’s way. Stand up, stand out and start living, uniquely, creatively and awesomely!!

I am a follower!!!




I met this woman somewhere around 2011.

Her friendship was (and still is) a blessing. In 2012 my life turned upside down and inside out. She was right there helping me along the whole time; it didn’t matter if I needed a laugh, serious talk, or just someone to listen to me vent.

I have a very small group of close friends, and even smaller is the group of friends that I trust with my vulnerabilities and insecurities and all of life’s bullshit that sometimes seem to rain down.

Renee is someone I consider to be my chosen sister. I love this lady to death. She is an amazing woman with a fierce spirit, wise soul, and a heart of gold.

I hope this works, I suck at opening up and you know that… 🙂

Love you lady!





I am truly blessed to have met this wonderful, positive soul. A true friend, my best friend is what she’s become. She always gives of herself and never asks for anything in return. She is always there to listen and always there when you need her. She’s helped me through some ups and downs, never once judging me…just simply listening.

Renee has been through ups and downs herself, although you’d never know it. She chooses to live life in the present and not in the past. Each day is a gift to her and she takes nothing for granted. She’s strong, independent, and inspiring to those around her.

She has a gift, that gift comes out in the words she speaks; those words get put to paper and out of that paper comes a blog she loves to share and I love to read it. It’s her passion. It’s in her blood. She finds love and beauty in each and every one of us…faults & all! Renee does not care.

She wants you to know you’re here for a purpose and that you’re loved! Fight for what you believe in. Go out and be creative. Make your way in this world!! Don’t let anyone put you down. Know your self-worth, live it, love YOU!!

Inspirational, beautiful, intelligent, proud, giving, kind, passionate, strong, and independent are just some of the words I’d use to describe my dear friend. I truly am blessed that our paths crossed last March. A journey was set in motion. My friend always Love you girl!!




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