Day 28 of 31 Days to Get A Lil’ U.G.L.I.

Day 28

Health is Wealth! We’ve heard or read that numerous times, but how many of us continue on taking our health for granted? Realize that either we take care of our bodies now or our bodies won’t be able to perform at its’ optimum best later in life.

Let me also clear this up. Being a size 2 doesn’t mean that you are healthy and being a size 20 doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. We are all built differently. One size does not fit all. It pains me to see a woman that was born to have a larger frame shed so much weight that she looks sickly. Be healthy for your body size and frame.

Move that body of yours. It longs to dance, skip, run, and play. Make love. Ski. Tango or cha-cha. Jump around. Bend. Flip. Bounce! Just MOVE!!!!

Today, I want you to take stock of where you are health-wise and make the necessary changes to help your body to perform at its’ best and for you to add more years to your life. Don’t feel the need to fit into the jeans you wore in high school. Just move your body, eat good foods, drink water, breathe deeply, and live.



~Renee ♥


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