Day 21 of 31 Days to Get A Lil’ U.G.L.I.

Day 21

Money, money, money!!! We seem to have a love/hate relationship with this form of currency. And that is all that it is. It is a tool that we use and we have to be careful not to allow it to rule us.

The best things in life are free, but we are lying to ourselves to say that we don’t have a desire to want more money. In fact, many people feel that desiring more money is a sin. I beg to differ. Please, hear me out.

How are we supposed to help others if we are low on funds? We will not be able to build neighborhoods, give to charities, and take care of our loved ones without having enough funds in the bank. Now, to clarify this, we must be careful not to become greedy. That is the root of all evil…not the money itself.

Also, this isn’t just about having mo’money! Being abundant and prosperous is more than that. It is feeling blessed enough that you can be a blessing. It is knowing that we all can have a slice of that pie and not be jealous of others. It is knowing that we have exactly what it is that we need and not having to stress about it.

Check yourself about how you feel about wealth…if you associate wealth with being a jerk, then you will never have it. If you see wealth as a beautiful thing, then let the money flow into your life in abundance.



~Renee ♥


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