Day 20 of 31 Days to Get A Lil’ U.G.L.I.

Day 20

There is no one on the planet that deserves your unconditional loving more than YOU.

Think about it. We oftentimes bend over backwards to please everyone, we take care of others before we address our own needs, and we put our hopes and dreams on the back burner to help everyone out.

Now, there is a fine line between being selfish and learning/practicing the art of self-care. How are we able to fill up the cups of others to the point of overflowing if we are ourselves are running on empty? We simply cannot do it. It will cause a major burnout: depression, resentment, low self-esteem, etc.

Give yourself a break. You may have come through some major ordeals in your lifetime and the fact that you are still waking up each and every day to keep living and with a smile on your face is enough for you to be proud of yourself. Admire the person that you are and who you are becoming.

Today, take time for you. Write down a list of things that bring you joy and do some of those things daily. You deserve it!



~Renee ♥


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