Day 17 of 31 Days to Get A Lil’ U.G.L.I.

Day 17

There is nothing more poisonous to our spirits than that of not forgiving. And I know that many of us are walking around still angry and bitter because of what happened in the past. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that there are a lot of stories of people being abused and have had horrible things happen to them, but are you willing to walk around with that forever? That is a slow death.

Forgiving others, as you may have heard before, is not letting them off the hook. NO!! It is simply going to free you so you can continue to live your life while you still have blood running through your veins. It also is a process. But in the end, you will be able to breathe so much better.

What happened in the past is now gone. You have today and that is what matters. What are you going to do with your today? Are you willing to let it go…forgive, but not forget so that you can have the taste of freedom?

Today, I want you to list some things and/or some people (including yourself) that have hurt you and you are still aching from it. Write that person a letter, go into details of how they may have hurt you, cry if you must, write in violent letters, see red, and then…burn it or rip it up and flush it down the toilet.

It is time for you to be free! Forgive, but don’t forget so you won’t allow it to happen to you ever again.



~Renee ♥


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