Day 12 of 31 Days to Get A Lil’ U.G.L.I.

Day 12

Make these declarations LOUD and PROUD!! When you begin to say how great you are, you will feel great, and oh, the moment you APPROVE of yourself…YOU WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS!

Many of us believe that in order to be one of the greats, we must have several noteworthy accomplishments under our belts. We have the audacity to tell ourselves that when we make it to the BIG TIME, then and only then will we be great. I beg to differ.

You must channel your inner Muhammad Ali and start talking yourself into a delicious fit of self-confidence and worth that no matter how big or little you feel you play a part in life…you will still know that you know that you KNOW that you are GREAT!

Today, make a list of the things that you and/or others tell you that you do really well. Write down times when you felt as if you were walking on cloud 9 because of something amazing that you did. Remember that you are one of the greats!



~Renee ♥


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