Who Is Sitting On the Pedestal of Your Life?


“I will not try to convince you to love me, to respect me, to commit to me. I deserve better than that; I AM BETTER THAN THAT…Goodbye.” ~Steve Maraboli

Aaaaw, LOVE!! So warm, so tender and beautiful. Okay, I hear you…Valentine’s Day is over and gone. So, why am I about to talk about this love stuff? This is why:

Love doesn’t just happen on one day out of the year. And the love that I want to talk about today is about the love that you feel that you aren’t getting and why on earth you are accepting less than what you deserve. Do I have your attention?

Allow me to tell you about a dream I had. There I was standing at the foot of a pedestal and I was dressed in tattered clothing. On top of the pedestal were people who I was begging for them to show me love. This was at a moment in my life that I didn’t FEEL loved.

The people were throwing what looked like pieces of bread crumbs down to me and I was scrambling away to pick up the pieces, all the while crying…no, sobbing. I only wanted their love and this was all that they were giving me. But I still accepted whatever they gave.

In the next moment, I heard the sweetest voice say to me, “You have been broken and I must rebuild you. When I do, you will see that you needn’t beg for something that you are: LOVE!”

Suddenly, I saw myself on top of the pedestal, glowing…dressed in a beautiful turquoise and gold gown. My hair was long and jet black. My skin was sparkling and my laughter sounded as if the angels were singing. I gently sat down and realized that I didn’t have to beg any longer. GOD had restored me and I was LOVE!

You see, so many of us do whatever it is that we can to beg for the little crumbs of love that some people throw our way. Do you really feel that you deserve that kind of treatment? To have someone simply tell you that they love you, but you do not FEEL that they actually love you? I believe in actions because people can talk all day long.

“Don’t believe those who tell you they love you, believe those who SHOW you they do.”

But what about the people in your life that truly love you and want nothing but the best for you?Do you remember them or are you still over there begging for him/her to love you?

It’s funny how we cannot see the people who actually love and adore us because we are so busy wanting that one person to show us just a little bit of love. That needs to stop and it needs to stop now! Realize that you have been covered with love from those that wouldn’t dream of making you beg for their affection.

Whether it is family, friends from elementary school, or significant others…if they aren’t giving you the love that you deserve, let them go! Surround yourself with the people that do show you love.

My question to you right now is who’s at the top of the pedestal in your life throwing small pieces of love your way? Now my reply to you is this: The reason why they are up there and you’re not is simply because you ALLOW them to be up there.

It’s time for them to get off and for you to take your rightful place. The people who truly love you will be sitting right there next to you, sharing your life and your joy.

We should never have to beg someone to love us, and we have to stop believing that we are unlovable. We are LOVE!! We came from LOVE! Love is the glue that bonds us together and is what conquers all.

Love yourself and the ones that deserve your good loving and adore those that love you back.

Life is too short to go after the ones who will never be able to show us the love that we want them give to us.

Say it loud right now: I am U.G.L.I.!! I am Unique, I am Gifted, I am LOVABLE, and I am Intelligent.

After all, love looks so good on you!



  1. I like your message…and this is a real thought not a snarky response, BUT at what point does Grace and forgiveness for others come in to play? How can we expect others to love us perfectly when we are incapable of loving them perfectly?

    • Hey Whitney! First of all, thank you for stopping by. I didn’t think your comment was snarky at all ( I like that word, by the way). And to answer your comments in my own humble opinion, I will say this: Forgiveness takes time…BUT it also depends on the person and the situation. You will know when you are ready to forgive = let it go and be free! I or any other person can’t give you a time frame on when you are to finally let go, but I love to advise that the moment you do give that person your forgiveness, you will feel lighter. As for your second question…know this now, we are all Imperfectly Perfect! 🙂 No ONE on this planet is perfect, but at the same time, we are perfect. Can you get what I just said? Acceptance is the key for your question. Some people are incapable of filling you up to the point of overflowing because they are probably half full themselves…how can you expect anyone like that to fill you up? You can’t!!! If it is good, take what it is they are able to give…don’t judge, but accept. It is when they offer you the negative is when you walk away. But if they are offering you goodness, but can only give what they can offer, then take it in with open arms…and VICE VERSA. I don’t know if I have answered your questions, but this is what I feel. Thank you for stopping by.

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