Don’t Treat Your Dream Like a Day Job!!

commitment photoThose were the words that hit me hard, like a huge slap in the face, from the book, “Think like a Success, Act like a Success,” written by Steve Harvey.

“Don’t treat your Dream like a day job!”

My mind instantly went into monkey mode and started coming up with excuses:

“I don’t have time.”

“I’ll start on it tomorrow.”

“I’ve tried it before and nothing happened then, so why bother now?”

“No one actually wants to hear what I have to say.”

And the worst one ever:

“How in the hell can I help women (and some men, too) become their best selves and live the life that GOD wants for them when my life and self are still dealing with issues?”

You see, I have no college degree. I’m not the daughter of some former celebrity/model/Miss USA; I am ME!! However, I have gone through things in my life that have taught me wisdom that I honestly feel can help others and I firmly believe that if you truly want to master something, teach it.

There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. ~ Unknown

Now, let’s get back on track. My dream is to take my words of inspiration, motivation, and real talk (aka tough love) and spread it across the world! My dream is to speak LIFE into the hearts of people and help them to awaken to who they really are and to start living the lives that they dream about.

But I was treating it like it was a day job. You know: the job that doesn’t really bring us satisfaction, so we only do what we need to do just to leave at 5 o’clock and collect a paycheck twice a month.

I had not committed myself to my dream. And that is what I wanted to talk to you about today: commitment.

Ask any married couple who have been married for several years and just about each and every one of them will tell you that one of the secrets to the longevity of their union is that you must make a commitment to the commitment.

It takes work and diligence. You can’t back out during the rough times; you work at it! We can take this same principle and apply it to our dreams and goals.

When you make a full commitment to your dreams, you give it the time, attention, and energy to help move it from being just a dream to becoming your reality.

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the ‘right stuff’ to turn our dreams into reality. ~James Womack

Usually, the main reason why we don’t commit to our dreams is that we have become content in our comfort zones. We go to work each day at the same time. We get off at the same time. We even take the same route to work. And we do it again and again everyday…like the Groundhog Day movie.

I mean, why change? There is food in the refrigerator, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, and most of the bills are paid. It’s all good!

But why settle for good when you can have GREAT? To get to great, what do we need?


I will admit: a lack of commitment was my problem. I realized that by not committing to my dream, I wouldn’t get the chance to see it manifest for me and see just how BIG it could get.

That huge slap in the face that I told you about in the beginning, stung just enough to wake me up and realize that I can either keep treating this like a day job or to treat this like my business. Once I made it up in my mind to treat it like it is my business, I started to work it like a business.

On my days off from my “day job,” I stayed at home and got straight to work. My kids would get confused when I said I had to go to work and then saw me in my pajamas with a notepad, a pen, and a computer. I made a schedule. I wrote down a plan. I made a list of people that will be able to help me with my project and reached out to them and am now getting that plan to work.

The moment I made that first step, I already had another website reach out to me to do a feature on what I am offering.  And women who are close to me were more than willing to help when I asked them to write a testimonial for me.

I am having more ideas flow to me like never before and things are coming together. It’s like my heart is finally ready to create and commit and my soul is thinking, “it’s about time!”

I don’t know what you may or may not be committed to, but if you’re like me and want a bigger and better life, then it’s time to stop playing with your future and make that commitment!



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