Why Settle on Being the Side Dish, When You Were Meant to be the Main Entrée?

cheaterIn light of a situation that happened to me about a week or so ago and after conversing with a friend who went through something similar, I decided to speak up on this.

I met a guy, who I thought was pretty darn awesome, but I found out later that he was married.  GASP!  A friend of mine was dating a guy for months and she found out that he not only had a wife, but another girl on the side.  He was cheating on all three of them!  The nerve of some people!

One thing I respect about myself and my friend is that the very moment we found out about the cheating bastards, we left them alone!  We are no home wreckers!

With that being said; however, I know that there are some women out there that will have every piece of evidence that the guy they are seeing is married and will still STAY!  What in sams’ hell is wrong with the women who do this?

I’ll tell you why in my own humble opinion.  They feel that this “relationship” is the best they will ever get.  That kind of mentality stems from insecurity and fear.  Chances are the man will never end up leaving his wife and go running off into the sunset with you.  And if there was a slight chance that he would, how many sleepless nights are you willing to suffer knowing at the back of your mind, that it is only a matter of time that he is going to do the same damn thing to you?

See, I was born to be the Main Entrée.  I am nobody’s side dish.  I am a woman who deserves a man to look at me like I am the ONLY woman in the world for him.  He shouldn’t have to go out looking for something when I’m sitting right there at home.

Ladies, let’s get this in our minds right now.  We have to go back to believing the fact that there is a Lid for every Pot.  Yes, some of us believe that there is a man shortage and some of us even believe that we have to fight to get what we want.  That really isn’t love, now is it?  Why do we feel that we have to settle, knowing that deep down we are not going to be truly happy with the decision that we made out of desperation?

Yes, I know we all can get a little lonely and some of us feel that if we don’t have someone in our lives, that somehow we are damaged goods.  Trust me; I have had that feeling many times before.  But I cannot and will not allow myself to be a woman that a man comes to see when his “wife is acting up again.”

It’s time that we stand up and respect ourselves enough to get what we truly deserve: Real Love with one Man that isn’t already taken.   Can I get an Amen up in here??


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