Today is the Day that you LOVE who You Really Are!

Love myselfAs I sat in my chair sipping on a nice, hot cup of White Chocolate Mocha coffee, I pondered over what it was I wanted to write about today. Blank…nothing…nada! Nothing came to my mind, and I was okay with that!

As I kept sipping, waiting for my muse to speak up, I went over the things that I had already did that day: I got to SLEEP in! That was surely needed. I gave myself a hydrating facial and read some emails that really made me happy. I did A LOT this morning. It was the simple little things that I did that made my morning.

Then, while my mind was still in its quiet phase, my muse spoke up: “Let’s talk about Self-Love today. Let’s list things that we love about ourselves.” I absolutely love my muse!!!

Before I give you my list, I wanted to share with you something that often breaks my heart. We, as women, are creatures that can look in a mirror and find 99 problems about ourselves, but how many of us can look in the mirror and see 99 GORGEOUS things? What can we do to stop this? This is where a list comes in.

When you write out your list, make it your mission to write more than 10 things that you love about yourself. Write as many as you can, but you can’t go lower than 10. Got it? Good! Carry this list around with you at all times. Post it on your mirror. Put it on your dashboard in your car. Hell, tape it to your forehead so that when you walk around, people can see all the little things that you love about YOU!

Here is my list of things that I simply love about myself:
1. My laughter
2. My “optimistic, the glass IS Half full dammit!” view of life
3. How I can quiet my mind and become aware of my surroundings
4. My skin tone (lovely brown coloring that GOD did an awesome job on)
5. My ability to tell someone “No” and feel good about it
6. My butt!!! I love my bootay!!
7. My strength. I am stronger than what I look
8. My mind. I love how my brain conjures up things with the many people that live in there 🙂
9. My nose. I used to hate that I had a big nose, but now I love it because it can smell bullshit from a mile away!
10. My Spirit!!! It soars freely!
11. My ability to adapt to new places
12. My hairstyles. I love to try new looks…I get bored easily
13. My Sexuality
14. The fact that I am a Damn Good Mother and am raising her babies to be strong, independent thinkers.
15. How I make people feel at ease around me and can talk to me about anything. I’m a great Listener.
16. How I can make a friend anywhere that I go 🙂
17. My joy and passion for reading and writing. I’ve always been an avid reader and writer since elementary school.
18. My beauty…both inside and out
19. My keen eye for detail
20. My eyes period. I love the shape and deepness of them. They are truly the windows of the soul.

There you have it. Although this is just some of the things that I love about myself, my list is pretty lengthy. Is that being conceited? Hell to the NO! Writing a list is an awesome way of reminding yourself that you are meant to be here on purpose with a Purpose.
What about you? Now, it’s your turn. Tell us some things that you love about YOU! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂 Ciao!

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