Are you Alone or Lonely?

lonelyAaw, boo-boo, it’s another Friday night and somehow you are all…alone…again. What is a girl to do in a predicament such as this? “Get over her damn self” would be my reply.

You see, being single is not the end of the world, and although your Aunt Betty keeps asking when are you going to settle down or is trying to set you up with the nice girl from the mail room (cause everybody knows that if you’re still single, you must be gay), you have got to know that there is nothing wrong with being single.

Being single is the perfect time for you to reflect and get to know who YOU are as an individual. Are you using this time for your advantage or are you sitting back eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s feeling sorry for yourself?

This brings me to the point: are you alone or are you lonely? There is a big difference between the two. The former is when a woman knows that she may be single for the moment, but she takes that time to sort out her life. She finds out what makes her happy, what sets her off, what she wants to do in her life, and what she finally realizes she needs to let go of.

The latter is the girl that sits and cries about her lot in life. Oh have mercy on her poor and single soul. She complains that everyone has someone, but her. She is the one who makes the desperate attempt of getting any John, Paul, Ron, or Dickhead to come home with her and this is the woman who will always end up with a frog, dog, leech, or a snake. Why? Let me explain.

If you feel that you are lonely, then you will always look to the outside for men to complete you. When a man has the ”honor” of completing you, then he pretty much has power over you and will use that power to do anything that he can and knows that you will sit by and allow him to walk right over you. Ew!

A Queen (a woman who knows she may be alone, but not lonely) knows that she is already complete within herself and she uses her power to her advantage. One way that she does this is she will not drop her plans and go running whenever a man calls her (whether it is 1pm or 1am) and get this Ladies: Men secretly love that!

Yes, a real man loves to know that a woman is already complete within herself to not run to his beck and call each and every time he does. Why? Because it will show to him that you basically have no life and the one life you do have revolves around him. A man wants to know that when he is not around, you don’t go all crazy and act foolishly.

Get a life…one way to do that is know the difference of being alone and being lonely. Learn to get a strong understanding of who you are and what you stand for so you won’t keep falling for the bull from the smooth talkers out there. Use this time wisely. If you don’t enjoy your own company, then girlfriend, how can you expect a man to? I’m Just Saying!



    • Hey Kenny, thank you for stopping by. From a Man’s point of view, help us women out, What is it really that turns a man on that women need to learn so they won’t become the clingy woman that some men complain about?

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