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Yes, this one for me (and probably many others out there) is a toughie simply because, in my humble opinion, these are the BEST three fitness DVDs out on the market, bar none.

To begin, let me be honest in saying that I have not tried all of these products. In fact, the only one that I have tried is P90X. Was it as great as everyone makes it out to be? You darn right it is.

All three DVD home fitness sets are backed up and taught by three men who know their stuff. They know what their goal is and they want to do all that they can within an hour a day to get you to where you want to be physically.

But when you have to buckle down and choose which one you want to work with, which one would you choose? If it were up to me, I would say all three. But with the prices and the way some of us have to keep within our budget, maybe all you can afford is one? So, let me break it down for you each workout and whichever one jumps out at you screaming, “You need to do this or else,” then by all means, get it and get to it.

I want to start first with Tapout. Back awhile ago, when I heard of P90X, I hadn’t heard about this series of exercises, but as I was nosing around the internet, I stumbled upon it and let me tell you, it looked VERY interesting to me!

*Tapout XT was created by Mark Karpenko, who has decades of experience training and motivating top professional athletes and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters. That right there should tell you everything.

Based on the principles of RIPP that promises to get you in the best shape ever, Mike is willing to push you to the extreme, which is what the XT stands for, mentally and physically. His job is to make sure that you give it your hardest and within 90 days, not only will you burn fat, lose weight, and gain solid muscle, you will learn new fighting techniques that you may have never tried before.

The home fitness program comes with 12 DVDs that consists of:

• Strength Training (no weights are needed)
• Plyometrics
• Cross Core Combat
• Sprawl & Brawl
• Muay Thai and more!

*P90X is the next one that I wanted to talk about, because I have tried it and I absolutely love it. Created by crap-talking, but loveable Tony Horton, who has spent over 20 years developing his expertise in all areas of fitness, he has made what the media is calling the #1 best selling home fitness program in America. That is a big order to fill and that is exactly what Tony does.

With the science of muscle confusion, Tony promises to never let you get to that horrible place that fitness enthusiasts everywhere dread to go and that is the land of “the plateau.” His secret of muscle confusion will keep your body guessing and as it does, it keeps adapting and thus causing it to grow.

This home fitness set also comes with 12 DVDs that consists of:

• Strength Training
• Plyometrics
• Yoga X
• Kenpo X
• Core Synergistics and more!

Last, but certainly not least is Insanity!

*Insanity was created by cutie pie (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself) Shaun T, who majored in Sports Science, but minored in Dance and Theater. His love for movement motivated him to not only participate in health and fitness, but choreographing as well. Talk about well-rounded. He is known for Hip Hop Abs, a home fitness DVD that was made specifically for, well you know, the abs.

Now, the difference from P90X and Tapout is that Shaun T promises to deliver fat burning, muscle building, body changing results in 60 days instead of 90. Yea, he is doing what he can to prove that his method is better than the best.

His secret: Max Interval Training. What that basically is, is that he will take you through long bursts of high intensity exercise routines, but with a small amount of time to rest. So, as soon as you feel that your heart is about to bust right out of your sweat soaked T-shirt, Shaun T will let you take a breather…but, oops, I lied, it’s time to jump right back in and get at it.

He does all of this with 10 DVDs that consist of:

• Dig Deeper Fit test
• Plyometrics
• Strength Training
• Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs
• Max Interval Circuit and Fit test

Like I said before and I will say it again, these are the BEST three home fitness DVDs on the market, bar none. You are guaranteed to get the body that you want all within 60-90 days. Which one are you going to pick? Tough decisions, tough decisions!!

***Psst, over here…have you gone through a major weight loss/transformation or do you know someone who has? If so, I would love to put you or them in the spotlight. All you have to do is send in your before (horrifying, isn’t it) and after picture. Make sure to include your testimony about your journey. You can include how your eating habits have changed, how much weight, inches, etc. you have lost, and anything else that you want to say that can help the next woman become motivated to make a lifestyle change that will change her life! We will be truly grateful for you to share with all of us your hard work and dedication.***

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