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photo by Oliver Gruener

photo by Oliver Gruener

Hello Ladies and welcome to everything that has to do with our “Sexuality!”

From the time that we were little girls, we were told to sit pretty with our legs closed, while our male counterparts had the freedom to sit in whatever way they chose. We were scared straight with the stories of what our first experience would be like; we were told that we needed to be sweet, good little girls and never hold hands with a boy, let alone kiss one! Yuck!

Now that we are grown women, it still hasn’t changed. Sex is often viewed as taboo.  Something major to be frowned upon and if we grew up in the church house, we were told that we were to wait until marriage, and that having sex before so was a sin and we were set for an eternity of damnation.

Well, this is about to change!  Is it really bad for a woman to be totally at ease with her sexuality? I don’t think so! In fact, we are sexual creatures by nature and it is seriously important for a woman to be in touch with her inner sex kitten to become the woman that she knows she is. In every woman, there lies a DIVA that longs to just let out a nice long, seductive purr…and be purr-fectly okay with it!

Which brings me to Lesson #1:  The first step in learning the Art of Romance is to first know how to Romance one very important and sexy person: You.

If I were to ask you when the last time you “wooed” yourself was, what would your answer be?  Have you ever bought yourself flowers before?  What about going to a nice Romantic dinner…alone?  Let’s go even further…what about the last time you pleasured yourself?

Did you answer no to any of these questions counting it off as something that you should never do for yourself?  Well, how can you expect another human being to Romance you if you do not know what it is that you like?

This is why you must learn to Love and Romance yourself so that way you can teach your lover what makes you feel loved.  Most women do not speak up enough and so they get nothing that they ever wanted.  They expect the lover to just be mind readers leaving men to ask the age old question: “What do Women really want?”

Men are left confused and women are left feeling unsatisfied.  Let’s put an end to this, shall we?

I am going to assign you a homework assignment.  Yes, I am completely serious!  For this assignment, I want you to pick at least one thing from the list and do it without any guilt, shame, or the need to explain yourself to anyone.

This is the foundation that you are building upon to receive the Romance that you so rightfully deserve.

  • Go to Dinner and see a Romantic movie…alone
  • Buy/Send yourself flowers…complete with a card and chocolates
  • Buy yourself a sexy Bra and Panty set and wear it for yourself
  • Take a long, delicious bubble bath with a glass of wine; once you get out, allow yourself to air dry while you relax
  • Get some warm, fragrant massage oil and while you are massaging it onto your body, take the time to really feel the softness of your skin
  • Stand in front of a full body mirror in the nude (or with Bra and Panties on), rub your body with soft touches, and sway slowly as if you were your own private dancer…while making eye contact with yourself! (Sexy!)
  • Take up classes (or buy a DVD) that will help bring out your sexuality such as Belly Dancing or just about any hot, spicy Latin dancing (meow!)
  • Get a boudoir photo taken of yourself (full nudity is best) to help you      appreciate your body all the more (black & white photos are sexiest…in my opinion)
  • Walk into an adult store confidently (or shop online) and treat yourself to some warming oils and some vibrating toys and learn where your most tender, sweet spots are.
  • The largest sex organ is the MIND, if you believe that you are indeed ready for the Romance that you rightfully deserve, affirm it to yourself over      and over that you are a beautiful woman who deserves love not only from yourself, but others as well.

Now that I have given you just a few tips on what you can do to learn to love, cherish, respect, and Romance the skin that you are in, leave a comment in the comment box and let us know just what it is that you can do or have done that has made you feel exceptionally special.