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photo by Carol Garbiano

photo by Carol Garbiano

A day or two ago, I found myself in an intriguing conversation with two of my co-workers that struck something within me that made me want to start another topic on this site that I fully believe will be another way for me to help women become more of the woman that they long to be.

What were we talking about, you ask? Sex, baby! Do I have your attention, yet? I thought I did. These two young women told me that they are afraid to ask for Romance and that to me is something that NO woman (or man) should go without in a relationship.

I deem myself an expert in Romance. Why? I am a Hopeless Romantic and damn proud of it! To add to that, I have never had a man complain about my Romantic ability, and have had many women tune in with great focus and walk away with notes when I give them advice on how to please their men, that’s why.

We women are sensual creatures by nature. We long to be wined and dined, told how beautiful we are, walk into the sunset with the man of our dreams, and then go home and make love in a way that we have never made love before.

Another reason why I feel compelled to write about this is to simply bring to your attention (if you have been living under a rock somewhere) that it isn’t a coincidence that the two top reasons that divorce rates are so high is because of: Romance and Finance. Sex and Money! I am not here to teach you how to balance your check book, but I do wish to help you to rediscover your inner sex kitten and how to be bold enough to ask for the Romance that you deserve.

In this new category, we will be exploring the world of Romance: a love affair, especially one that is intense and happy; passionate, tender, and sensual. Sounds intoxicating don’t it? We will talk about ways to show your lover just how much you crave him/her, to help teach him the things that light your fire and how to speak up about it, how to be Romantic in and out of the bedroom, and allowing you to get in touch with your sexuality in a healthy manner.

So, why just have sex, a casual romp in between the sheets, when you can have a deeper passion and make love? But understand that Romance does not always mean that you will end up in bed. True Romance will create a bond between you and your lover that is deeper than just having sex. It will be a bond that will create True Intimacy. That is what we are after.

And Men, this section is for you as well. Learn what turns YOUR woman on. We do not go from 0 to 60 like you do. Take the time and Romance her right and she will melt in the palm of your hand which in turn will benefit you because if you give her what she wants, you will get more of what you want: more sex with her! It’s a win-win situation. You have to turn that key and heat us up before you can just jump in and drive like a bat out of hell. I’m Just Saying…

Now, let me make this clear to you and anyone else that is reading this section, I am in no way encouraging you to go out and just jump in the bed with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. No, no, and no!! That is not the Lady-like thing to do. There is a thin line of being in touch with your sexuality and just being downright slutty. Ladies, we are going to stay on this side of the fence, agreed? Good.

With that being said, Ladies (and Gentlemen), are you ready to dive head first into a lifelong journey to Romance? It’s going to be a journey, yes, but one that will be nice and slow, long and delicious. Mmmm, tasty!